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  • Lachlan
    Good day. I don't like ordering medicine over the Internet. I bought the drug Man Plus on the advice of a friend. Capsules are easy to drink, neutral taste, do not cause side effects. Helps create sexual activity. And penis size has increased. Very happy with his action! I will give advice if there are problems in sex.
    Man Plus
  • Max
    My review is devoted to a drug that really saved my family. I can't satisfy my partner. The member is slow, sexual intercourse cannot be resolved. Drink Man Plus capsules completely. The results exceeded all expectations. Happy wife! Advise men for sexual stamina.
    Man Plus
  • Christophe
    Ordered Man Plus capsules last year. At that point, I lost confidence in myself. Persistent wrongdoing in sex has damaged self -confidence. Only Vixea helps restore men's health. The results were felt in the first week of admission. Erections are very good, even the shape of the penis has increased.
    Man Plus
  • William
    I bought the drug Man Plus and have never regretted it. Act deliberately on the problem. I have all the signs of impotence. I drank the product according to the instructions and I was unaware of any sex problems. Everything works like a watch. Bright sex, violent orgasm. I would definitely advise!
    Man Plus
  • Nicolas
    Good day. I have tried many potential pills. But, out of all that, I was only able to remove the Man Plus capsule. They not only increase sensation, but also prolong sexual intercourse. I noticed that by the 2nd week of use, my penis visually changed. The volume and length are pleasing.
    Man Plus
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